Social Work

How we work?


We know know that often whaanau are the best people to identify their own needs.  By walking alongside, we can support development, growth and independence through mana enhancing practice.

We believe using a holistic approach to address complex needs is better achieved when whaanau are empowered to restore the mauri in their own pursuit to whaanau ora. (Pohatu & Pohatu 2011)


What we do?

  • Strengthening Families (co-ordinated whaanau outcomes)
  • Group Work for Women 
  • Hoki ki te Rito (14wk Course) 
  • Oho Workshops (4wk Course)
  • Koorero Ora (sharing community space for whaanau to koorero)
  • Parenting Through Separation Course (4hrs Ministry of Justice)
  • Youth Support (building healthy relationships between student/whaanau/school
  • Advocacy
  • Wrap-Around-Support


Social Service Team


Liesl Holtzhauzen

Registered Social Worker 


Shirley Daniels

Registered Social Worker 


Jessica Taylor

Community Support Worker


Louise Edwards


Registered Social Worker