Family Finance

Franklin Family Support Services' Family Finances team aims to help families find security in handling their own financial affairs through the development of good money management skills.

There always seems to be more week than wages...or more month than money!

We can give advice and support to whaanau on the following financial topics;

  • Meeting your everyday financial needs
  • Making sure you are getting all your entitlements
  • Managing debt repayments
  • Advocacy on behalf of clients
  • Kiwisaver hardship applications
  • Insolvency assistance
  • Identifying and avoiding fraud
  • Planning for a positive financial future
  • To discuss and work through different financial options
  • Working out an achievable family budget

Drowning in debt?


Creditors knocking at the door, phone calls not taken and no end in sight…

If any one of these applies to you then our Family Finance Budget Advisors are just the team to help you!

Our team will help negotiate with your creditors and set up a budget and cash flow sheet so you know exactly where your money is going all through the month. Your advisor will help you set and work towards your own goals for as long as it takes!

For more severe financial hardship, our team is trained to take you through the steps of a summary instalment order, or a non-asset procedure and when no other options exist, they can guide you through insolvency.

We are even able to help you with a whole team approach by offering social/community support or counselling support.

family finance

Worksheets and Information

On your first appointment we will need the following to help support you

  • IRD number
  • Community Services Card number
  • Bank Statements for the last month
  • Pay slips
  • WINZ breakdown of benefit

It is helpful if you can also bring

  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Power account
  • Telephone account
  • Water rates
  • Any insurances
  • WOF registration due
  • Records of any other outstanding debts, for example
  • debts
  • loans
  • unpaid accounts