Franklin Local Board


An important influence on what will happen in Franklin are the Auckland Council and Franklin Local Board plans.

The vision is for Auckland to be the World's Most Liveable City over the next thirty years. One of seven outcomes in the plan is "A fair, safer and healthier Auckland." Franklin is a ward of Auckland, projected to be the most populous of all Auckland wards in 25 years' time.
The Franklin Local Board Plan is the guiding document for the Local Board and is their strategic three-year plan. The plan creates the world's most liveable city at the Franklin level. There are five outcomes.

Two are particularly relevant to the work Franklin Family Support does.

Outcome Four - Growth in the right place at the right time. The Board commits to advocating the central government to plan for growth and provide services such as social services that will meet the needs of our growing communities and to ensure people do not have to travel long distances to access vital healthcare services.


Outcome Five - Proud, safe and healthy communities, where those who live here are proud of the area, and feel safe and part of the community. The Auckland Council's community and social action plan looks to actively support community led projects; work with local partners to ensure the community feels safe; improve the health and wellbeing of our older people, as well as our children and young people.

Outcome Two also has a significant impact on the wellbeing of the community - A thriving local economy. Pukekohe population growth will require 9,000 new jobs over the next thirty years. Jobs are essential to support safe and healthy communities.

The Franklin Family Support Services Mission and Five Strategic Focuses supports the achievement of those social service aspects of the plan and we will work in partnership with the Local Board for that purpose.