Franklin Family Support works across the whole community and have plenty of opportunities for you to make a positive difference. You can donate to help us support others in our community who are not doing so well.

Franklin Family Support receives government funding to provide very specific and targeted services. However there are many other services for which we must raise the money to be able to provide them. We try to help anyone we are able to whether or not their needs are provided for through contracted services. As People helping People to Independence, we provide advice and assistance to many people which is not covered by a funded contract.

Whoever you are, whatever your situation, you can help make a difference and help create a better community through your support of Franklin Family Support Services. No donation is too big or too small. We will sincerely appreciate your gesture of support.

Registered charitable trust CC37443 IRD donor organisation status


You can donate by:

(a) Online banking to Franklin Family Support ASB 12 3023 0253637 00
(b) Bringing a donation to our office at 205 King Street, Pukekohe.
(c) Email the CEO rdriver@familysupport.org.nz with ideas of what you would like to support.
(d) Phone us on (09) 238 6233 to meet the CEO and talk about the best way to use your donation

We will always acknowledge your donation with thanks.

Unless you want privacy and confidentiality, we will publicly acknowledge your support.

Supporting Charities


Everyone has causes that they care about, a charity involving children, youth, the elderly, animals, the environment, community services, wellbeing and/or health. The simple fact is many of these charities we know and support would not exist without the generosity of everyday New Zealanders.

There are around 26,800 registered charities in New Zealand. Of those barely 1% are grant and funding charities. There are many more Not for Profit organisations also looking to those few funding charities to continue to operate.

Financial support for most of our charities is absolutely essential for ensuring the good work they do.

Our service vision is People helping People to Independence. This means we do not apply temporary band-aids. We help people cope with life's difficulties and help them make a positive change. You can help us do that.

By making a donation to Franklin Family Support Services

  • You will be changing someone's life for the better
  • You will feel much closer to our community
  • You will be pleased to have been able to help others
  • You will feel that you are not powerless in the face of need and can help

Some examples of how people have given to us

'M' comes in every now and again and gives us cash. We don't know who he is. He has given us a name but we think it is probably not his real name. He is usually pretty clear how he would like the money to be used. For example it might be to buy supermarket vouchers for us to give to our clients who are so far in financial crisis they are not sure where their next meal will come from.

'K' gave us 7 Christmas hams to give to families that would appreciate it.

'B' is looking after several grandchildren. His old washing machine had given up and he was washing all of their clothes by hand. To make matters worse he wasn't too well. We talked to our networks and a parishoner from our friends at St. James church donated a brand new washing machine.

St. James church invited us to talk to their parishoners about our work then gave us the generous proceeds of a collection of donations that Sunday.

Every Christmas, many people donate food and gifts for our Smiles for Christmas campaign.