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  • Governance in the Not for Profit Sector 
  • The Franklin Family Support Trust Deed
  • Role of the Trustees
  • Community Report 2015

Governance in the Not For Profit sector

Unlike a commercial entity with control over its sources of revenue and the manner of application of that revenue, Franklin Family Support, like other NFPs, is heavily reliant on third party funders, either state or philanthropic. With that reliance goes influence in terms of the application of funds either through a grant approval process or through contractually imposed outcomes and reporting criteria.For those reasons practical governance differs significantly for the NFP sector.

Governance focuses on defining the purpose of the NFP, identifying in whose interests the entity operates and identifying how the entity will achieve that purpose. Perhaps just as important for an NFP is the need to determine how its various stakeholders will judge performance and accordingly how it will ensure that those stakeholders are informed of performance.

Franklin Family Support is governed by a Board of Trustees to which members are recruited to ensure that the Board is refreshed from time to time and needed expertise is available to ensure the Trust is well led.

The economy is commonly divided into three sectors; the public sector, the commercial sector and the not-for-profit or "third" sector. The separate category for the NFP sector recognises that its members are not government owned and that their purposes are not primarily wealth-driven. The sector is an integral part of New Zealand's social landscape and a significant economic force.

Franklin Family Support Trust Deed

The principle governance document is the Trust Deed. It notes the charitable purpose of the Trust is:

  • To achieve the Trust's vision of People Helping People to Independence
  • To provide, coordinate or promote services or information which will benefit families or individuals in the community of Franklin; and
  • Such other charitable purposes as the Trustees may from time to time decide.

Download a copy of the Trust Deed here

Role of Trustees

The Trust Deed notes the role of Trustees is:

  • To give effect to the purposes of the Trust (noted above); and
  • Be responsible and accountable to the community of Franklin for the proper and effective governance of the Trust ; and
  • Discharge the responsibilities, perform the duties and exercise the rights conferred on them; and
  • Ensure the performance of the activities and the achievement of the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan of the Trust.

The Board performance is also informed by a governance manual. This manual includes everything needed by the Trustees to govern the Trust effectively. It includes policies which are regularly reviewed as are the Strategic Focuses of the organisation.

The Board meets once a month and periodically hold workshops for development and planning.The Board of Trustees play a critical role in ensuring Franklin Family Support are positioned to identify services needed in our community.

The Board also draw on their professional practice wisdom to provide the General Manager with guidance and support.