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The Referral Form provides a menu of the services offered by Franklin Family Support Services and once you have completed it, provides information to help us determine how best to help you. Download the form, complete it and bring it into us.  

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This could be depression

Most people feel miserable now and again, often when something stressful or upsetting is happening such as a relationship breakup, or losing a job. When feelings of unhappiness are intense and persistent - and they don't go away even when things improve, this could be depression.
There are a few ways to help determine whether you are experiencing depression.

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Drug Rehab 

A web resource that provides information and support to people fighting substance abuse and addiction.  In an effort to raise awareness about substance abuse and addiction, a guide that DrugRehab feel every parent should have in order to educate themselves, as well as their children about this issue:

Zero To Three - The magic Everyday Moments Video Series

A series which looks at child development from birth. Find the videos here:

Strengthening Families


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