The biggest winner!

Could your family be the Biggest Winner?

Franklin Family Support Services and Franklin County News are teaming up again to offer a Franklin family the chance to be the Biggest Winner!

The competition, which was last run in 2010, sees two families go head-to-head to see which one can make the biggest difference to their financial position and their family's sense of security.

Franklin Family Support will offer free help and guidance as the families participate. The winner will receive $600 and the runner up $400. But perhaps of most value will be the tips and advice offered along the way on how to improve finances and budget effectively.

Nominations are open now! Franklin Family Support will choose two families to participate for eight weeks from the 15th October. The winner will be announced in the Franklin County News through the month of December.

The winning family will be the one which has made the biggest sustainable savings on their weeks household budget (percentage relative to household income) over the term of the competition. This is based on an initial financial assessment and a final assessment with Franklin Family Support's financial team leader. The judges decision will be final.

To apply for the Biggest Winner competition, please email or phone 09 238 6233. Please tell us why you want to improve your family's finances, and give details of how many people there are in your family.

Please note: You will need to be available and prepared to appear in the newspaper each week and share your progress. Details of your income are not published. You will also need to provide your financial details to Franklin Family Support's finance team who will be working closely with the families during the competition.