“Early parenthood is a life-changing experience into which we all go unrehearsed”

Franklin Family Support Services provide a number of Parenting Programmes:

  • Baby and You
  • Incredible Years 3 - 8
  • Hoki ki te rito

Download this free ebook resource, "The Pocket Guide to Parenting - practical, actionable tips you can use  to help your family live each day more fully."

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The Parenting Passport

Parenthood is both a fantastic and daunting journey. There are many services and supports available to help along the way, but how do you access them? The Parenting Passport uses a Navigator to guide individuals through their options of destinations on the road map of courses, support groups and networks. The Parenting Passport records the information about the suggested destination and can include photos of activities undertaken - providing a keepsake for the future. The Parenting Passport is available to anyone living in the Franklin District, who is the parent/caregiver of a child aged between 0-6 years.

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Baby and You

In conjunction with the Franklin Parents Centre, this programme covers the exciting yet challenging early months of baby's life.From the transition to parenthood to feeding and sleeping, infant care, baby massage, first aid and much more, 5 sessions will provide you with information to assist you on your journey. A Dad's evening will also be offered that provides an opportunity to ask questions about baby's development and the transition to fatherhood. A St John's representative will also discuss important first aid topics.

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Incredible Years 3 – 8

Incredible Years is a 14 week fully funded parenting programme for parents of children aged 3-8 years. It involves weekly sessions of around two hours. Over the weeks, parents develop strategies to build positive relationships with their children and to manage problem behaviours. They come to group sessions each week, talk through what has, or hasn't worked, set goals for what they want to happen and ways to achieve those goals during the following week.

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Hoki Ki Te Rito (translated) Return to the Source

Hoki Ki Te Rito is a Parenting Course for Mother's, the course is based on the Mellow Parenting Programme (Glasgow, Scotland) and is Free which run's one-day-a-week over 14weeks.

The Course engages Mum's and helps them improve their relationships with their children, by building on Mum's own strengths to learn to parent well.

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