Early Years Services

Early Years Service Hubs provide a central point where families can access a range of services including ante-natal care; Well Child health checks and immunisation programmes; quality childcare and education for under 5's.

The HUB was established in Franklin in partnership with the Huakina Develpment Trust. The hub is supported by a co-ordinator, Annabel Mara. The hub has developed a strong network of Early Years Service providers and now keeps families connected to core services.

Early Years Service Hubs are usually located within or alongside existing community facilities - such as Franklin Family Support. We also host the Heartlands service in Franklin.

Our Early Years Service Hub co-ordinator Annabel focuses on vulnerable families with high needs children aged from pre-birth to 6 years, expecting to improve social, health and educational outcomes for these children.

To achieve this, a high quality network of early years services has been established. Activities have been implemented to improve access to services for families. An example of one of those activities is the collaboration between the staff of the Huakina Development Trust and Franklin Family Support to develop and run the successful Teen Parenting Programme.

We are also working on an innovation known as the Parenting Passport. This proposal brings together information on the many services and providers; provides bridges and clear road signs to connect the new parent  with those services when they need them; builds a collaborative network dovetailing the services; and provides a central navigation system for the new parent. Watch for developments on this project.

International evidence demonstrates that early intervention can improve children's lives. Service integration through Hubs, will improve outcomes for families.

Our Early Years Service Hub integrates core services in Franklin

  • ante-natal
  • Well Child - Tamariki Ora
  • early childhood education
  • parenting information
  • education and support
  • home visiting
  • support referrals to other services

to develop a high quality network of services through collaborative cross - service working practices.

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